jueves, 9 de abril de 2009


El art-ctivista Micockringnomedejapensar nos alerta sobre la ejecución, parece que inminente, de activistas y simpatizantes del movimiento gay-lésbico en Iraq.

Informa la organización Everyonegroup.

EveryOne Group and civil society in democratic countries have taken up the appeal from the IRAQI LGBT association, based in London, which calls on activists and democratic citizens to take part in an international campaign to save the lives of 128 prisoners sentenced to death because they are homosexual.

According to the judicial and religious authorities, the prisoners will be murdered in groups of about 20 people. The first series of executions is imminent. Over the last three years 132 homosexuals have been put to death, including 17 Iraqi LGBT activists.

Se puede firmar aquí.

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